Need to Hire an HVAC Pro to Help me Find my HVAC Coils to Clean

I need help finding where the darn coils are in my air handler so that I can spray that cleaner on them and get them clean.

I thought it would be a five minute job, just spray it on and I’m done, but I couldn’t find where the coils were located so I gave up.

I think if I contact a heating and cooling corp and have an HVAC pro come out and do it for me then next time I could do it myself. I am an HVAC tech from the old days, but apparently the HVAC systems now have changed a bit and I no longer know where the said condenser coils are located. I think the last time I worked on a heating and cooling system we still had the old dial thermostats and nobody ever knew anything about a smart thermostat back then. I’m not sure when exactly the smart thermostat came out but I don’t think it was that long ago. I must be getting old! I still remember my dad working on his old dial thermostat with a solder iron, trying to fix the leads that came apart. I wish I could be with dad one more time working on that old dial thermostat just to be near him and smell his English Leather aftershave. Dad worked as a local contractor doing heating and cooling repairs for people in their homes and businesses. He amassed quite a fortune over the years and it seems like everyone in town knew who he was. I still miss you pops, so much so.

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