My work is odd

I work in the heating and A/C business.

  • But I work a little differently than others or what you would expect in the industry.

I am what’s called an independent heat and air conditioner specialist. Working as an independent heating and A/C specialist is where you have your own HVAC contractor however you are the only 1 there. In other words, you make the rules, the spend my money and everything. You work on your own minutes and schedule. No 1 tells you what minutes or afternoons to work. Now naturally you will need to work within a adequate time frame of what contractor minutes are. But if you want to work in the evenings you can, while most heating and A/C companies would never do that. This can be an advantage with those minutes for people who need heating and air conditioner replacements later in the day for instance. Most typical heat and air conditioner companies will not do heating and cooling system replacements anytime other than crack of dawn in the day, then for many, this is a real inconvenience. Especially for those who have 9 – 5 jobs. That absolutely makes it so they have to take the day off for a heating and air conditioner replacement. With myself and others being an independent heat and air conditioner contractor, I offer heat and air conditioner replacements later in the day to be more flexible with the customer. I make more money this way! I change about the same price as well. It’s all about doing your own thing.


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