My wife was making me feel a little bit paranoid about what could happen

For a little while, my wife had been debating over whether we should get an electric furnace or a gas furnace.

I kept saying that I was planning on getting solar panels which would likely cover the energy usage of the geothermal HVAC I was planning to get.

She said we needed to stick with a gas furnace because we could have unforeseen issues in the future. When I asked her what she was talking about, she said numerous problems could arise. She explained that pollution could become so severe that we wouldn’t get any sunlight reaching our solar panels. This was something I hadn’t considered I had to admit. Then she told me she was watching a documentary series talking about the super volcano chain that could erupt at any given moment. She said if that happened, the skies would be covered in ashes and we wouldn’t see any sunlight for sure. I had to tell my wife that she was making me feel nervous talking about these scenarios. I couldn’t even consider all the destruction that would come from an event like that, it could even be the destruction of the human race as a whole. Anyway, I told my wife that perhaps something like that wouldn’t happen in our lifetime. I said at the very least, the solar panels would last around 30 years and give us power for a long time when we needed it. I told her if the energy grid collapsed in one of these doomsday scenarios, we would need power somehow… I ended up getting the geothermal HVAC installed. She was angry at first, but eventually admitted that the system worked great and was far more energy efficient than she expected.

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