My whole HVAC system was destroyed

It was the dead of night, and I woke up because of a massive BOOM coming from my roof.

The whole house shook, I kid you not.

I woke up totally disoriented, and my confusion was compounded because the power was out and everything was full dark. I stumbled around until I found a flashlight, and then went outside into the store to see what had caused that awful noise. A tree had come down on the roof of my house, and took down the power lines and phone lines with it! As a certified HVAC tech my house has the finest system money can buy, and now I saw it smashed to pieces on my roof! This was very discouraging to me, because I spent a lot of time, effort and money to make my home climate control system the best in the world. I even have a room that has reverse air pressurization, the same kind of ventilation they use in laboratories, just to maintain the most excellent air quality. All of that was gone now, along with my wifi, phones, and electricity. What does it say about me that with all of that ruined, I was only concerned about the HVAC system? Once I took a step back from my HVAC problems I realized there was a lot more going on around me. A tornado had knocked over that tree, and although it destroyed my climate control system, it also wrecked several houses in my neighborhood. I decided to worry about the HVAC later, and help my neighbors now.

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