My sister takes care of my HVAC system

I had a bad relationship with my older sister when I was growing up. As siblings, we loved each other, but we disagreed on several issues. Every time she teased me, I took it too personally, and she teased me for everything I did. As we grew older, my sister stopped teasing me so much and began to look out for me more. Eventually, she became a Heating and Air Conditioning technician. She has worked for a local heating and cooling company for over 15 years. Since then, my sister has always performed all of our heating and cooling services for free. She checks our heating and cooling systems whenever she is over our house. She changes the filters and makes any repairs that need to be made. In the last fifteen years, I’ve only ever had one real issue with my Heating and A/C plan. The furnace had reached the end of its life cycle and needed replacing. It was installed at no charge by my sister, who bought the new furnace. To show my appreciation, I went to her favorite diner with her. I appreciate having someone who looks out for my Heating and Air Conditioning needs. Besides making our lives easier, I never have to worry about heating and cooling service and repairs.

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