My sister is my HVAC tech

As a child, my older sister was somewhat mean to me.

Although we loved each other as siblings do, we had a number of disagreements.

I was teased for almost everything I did, and I always took it too seriously. As we grew older, my sister stopped teasing me and began looking out for me more. As a result, she went on to become a Heating and Air Conditioning technician. She has worked for a local heating and cooling company for over 15 years. My sister has provided all of our heating and cooling services at no charge throughout those years. She checks our heating and cooling systems while she is visiting our home. The filters are changed, and any necessary repairs are performed. In the last fifteen years, I have only ever experienced one significant problem with my Heating and Air Conditioning plan. My furnace had reached the end of its useful life and was in need of replacement. My sister installed the new furnace at no charge. Nevertheless, I wanted to do something nice for her in return, so we went to her favorite diner. It is truly nice to have someone looking out for my Heating and Air Conditioning needs. Not only does this make life easier, but I never have to worry about the additional costs associated with heating and cooling service and repairs.

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