My sister insisted we get a whole-home dehumidifier

I thought we would get a portable dehumidifier for the house

I wasn’t sure about living with my sister. When we were kids, we fought all the time. Mom always had to intervene before someone lost an eye. She said we were so similar this is why we fought and bickered like an old married couple. Things got better in high school, and we became pretty close as we went to college. But it’s been about a decade since we were under the same roof. Since we wanted to become homeowners, we decided to live together, but the first house and then the second. The goal is to save as much as possible to buy good houses in excellent locations. The first house we bought is an amazing structure and came with an HVAC system. Finding a house with a sound HVAC system was a top priority. We’d rather pay a small fee for HVAC service and repair than install a new unit in a house. My sister insisted we get an HVAC expert to come and inspect the HVAC system before we agreed to buy the house. I backed her up on this, and we found an HVAC expert to do the HVAC inspection. Everything was in order, but the ductwork had a few gaps, so we opted to pay for HVAC duct sealing when we bought the place. After a few upgrades, we moved in and realized the area was quite humid. I thought we would get a portable dehumidifier for the house. My sister insisted we install a whole-home dehumidifier which isn’t cheap. But, this time, instead of fighting, we are choosing to sit down and solve this like adults.


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