My partner walked in 2 hours later

Last week, when I got to the condo from work, the heat pump wasn’t blowing cool air into the space.

I’m employed in a hospital where management believes the cooler the better.

We understand that heat is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, but we always feel cold. When I got to the condo and knew the heat pump was off, I called the Heating & Air Conditioning company. I laid down on my chair, which was located closest to the air vent, and closed our eyes. I did some meditation, trying to block out the sizzling humid air that was in the condo. My partner walked in 2 hours later, and was agitated because of the lack of air conditioning. He asked me how I could lie there looking like there was nothing wrong when it felt like we lived in Hades itself. I wasn’t in the mood to discuss the faulty heat pump with him or anyone else. Through meditation, I could find peace and feel calmer. I informed my partner the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker would be there soon. Instead of quietly sitting down and forgetting about the heat, he rushed into the study room and started muttering to himself. Thank goodness for meditation. Not only could I block out the heat and humidity, I blocked out the presence of my partner being in the condo. I lay there until the doorbell rang. By that time, my partner was done with his temper tantrum, and was ready to deal with the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceperson.

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