My parents got really creative with grounding me

When I was a mouthy teenager, my parents used to have to get really creative with grounding me to punish me.

I guess they knew that I did not really care all that much about the TV or the phone or even staying up late. I didn’t care about my cell phone or the computer or going out to parties with my friends. So as you see, they just didn’t have that much that they could really ground me from. I guess they knew that there was one thing that I really loved more than just about anything else, and that’s what they finally grounded me from. They had gotten me a window unit air conditioning system for my birthday several years before. My bedroom was upstairs in the hottest part of the house. I loved my air conditioning more than just about anything. Once my parents figured that out, they decided that they would start to ground me from the air conditioning whenever I did something to get into trouble. They only had to do this a couple of times during the summer and then I really cleaned up my act! I wasn’t about to have to live through the hottest part of the summer without my beloved window unit air conditioning system. My parents had a really well behaved child all through the summer because of their little plan. But as soon as the weather started cooling off, I started to get into trouble again! I just saved up all of my mischief for the cooler parts of the year.
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