My neighbor surprised myself and others with her new athletic activitys car

When our neighbor said she wanted to hang out, I had no plan that she had a surprise.

She pulled up in this beautiful athletic activitys automobile plus revved the engine to show how powerful the engine was.

It was a v8 engine plus I actually was impressed but I thought it actually was a major gas guzzler. With the costs of gas going up, I wasn’t sure why she chose to get a automobile like that. She laughed plus said she didn’t do a lot of driving anyway. She said for the most part, she would just to to work plus then go back home plus she wanted something to show off in her neighborhood. She already told myself and others how all the kids in the section kept pointing saying, “That’s our car!” You suppose those childhood games the people I was with and I used to play. Anyway, I appreciated the fact that there was built-in air conditioning in the seats. I never experienced air conditioned seats before however it kept you nice plus cool from below plus that was a game changer in our mind when it came to air conditioning. In her last automobile she actually had the opposite, built in heating in the seats which I thought was good too. Fortunately, this new automobile has both of those things however she didn’t want to test the heated seats until the Winter time season came around. I can’t tell you how fun it was driving around with our neighbor in such a fancy car. She even let myself and others take it for a spin plus that was great! I did have to pay him for gas money though although I was cranking the AC system.