My leather chair was ugly.

My husband Bob obtained a new leather chair for the office.

Bob told myself and others that since I had to sit for so long when finally working, I should have a chair that was comfortable.

Bob asked if I would like the chair, plus I told him I enjoyed it. Bob took one look at our face plus asked why I was lying. I wasn’t lying, exactly. I enjoy the new leather chair. It was comfy plus it felt like butter against our skin. Bob asked myself and others if I enjoy the new chair so much, why did I supply it with a different look? I grimaced, wrinkled our nose, plus told Bob that our leather chair had the ugliest upholstery tacks I ever seen. They were a hideous bronze color that seemed like they were start to rust. Bob said he thought the upholstery tacks were kind of neat. I told Bob that when you have a leather chair that was that lovely you needed nice upholstery tacks that added to the elegance. Bob shook his head plus told myself and others that I could return the chair plus get any chair I wanted. I wanted that leather chair. The only thing I wanted was to have ugly upholstery tacks put in the chair. He called the furniture store, plus asked if they had the same chair with the weird upholstery tacks? I heard the man chuckle, plus I also heard Bob tell them that he had warned him about that. She had the same chair in a light shade of brown, that had matching upholstery tacks. I saw the look on Bob’s face, plus told him I number one the leather chair he picked out for me.

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