My husband and I use a real estate broker to manage our rental property

A few years ago, our husband and I decided to invest in a small rental property, then it is a 2-dining room duplex with a driveway and a small fenced in backyard… At first, it was easy for us to manage the rental, and while in quarantine it was even easier.

All of us both were working from home, so both of us took turns in managing the property, however, since then, both of us returned to work, and both of us have been having a taxing time keeping up with everything, and now, don’t get myself and others wrong, there wasn’t a whole lot to do, however there were troubles that came up from time to time, however mostly repair or little things that required attention.

After a couple of items began to slip through the cracks, both of us decided to seek help from a real estate broker, thankfully, both of us have a niece who is a realtor, and he provided to manage the property for us. As section of the deal, he will make sure that all the repair of the property is handled in a timely manner. Also, he will make sure that the rent is paid on time, and he will also keep up with the lease requirements. This is a substantial weight lifted off our shoulders, and it’s not that both of us couldn’t do it, it’s that both of us fell behind on some of the obligations. Having a real estate broker manage the property was a single of the best decisions that both of us could have made. All of us system on investing in more rental properties soon, and when the time comes, both of us will use his to find the perfect renter for it.

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