My friend's new heat pump

Adrian is my neighbor, and I have been nice friends for a long time.

When I visited him in his house, I realized that his apartment was chilly.

After I asked him about it, he told me it had been appreciate that for some nights since his heating device broke down, and he had not yet bought a new one. He also explained that the serviceman tried to service it and checked the air filter. He also did some duct cleaning to ensure the air purification proposal was working, but he realized it was not in nice condition. But the heating device was broken beyond repair. I recommended that he try and install a new heat pump in his house, which will help keep him and his family moderate while I was in the cold season. He was interested in my suggestion, especially when I told him that they would not need to install new ductworks. I told him I could accompany him the following weekend to a local supplier where they sell heat and A/C products. During the weekend all of us chose to go there to see what they had in store. The air quality systems were sound, and they had the new technology. After studying a lot about the devices, he bought a new heating device with an air cleaner and a washable filter. After that, he called a serviceman to uninstall the old equipment and install the new one. He only replaced the ductwork, which meant he had to do some duct sealing. What was left was to set the thermostat always. After the replacement, the air quality in the apartment was excellent.

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