My friend doesn't use a heater

My friend has always been a little bit of an oddball.

I meant Bob when I was in college and one of the first things that he told me about himself was that he does not have an air conditioning system. I found this really weird but what was even stranger was when I went over to his house for the first time and I noticed how cold it was there. It was like walking into a freezer! When I asked him where the heater was he looked at me as if I was crazy and told me that he didn’t have a heater. At first I thought that maybe his heater was broken or that maybe he just could not afford a good heating system. I mean after all there were plenty of really nice HVAC businesses around that offered very affordable heating and cooling services. So I asked him when his heater was going to be fixed because I was under the assumption that his heater must be broken, I mean why else would he not have a heater? But he told me his heater is not broken and he does not even have an HVAC system installed in his home at all. When he told me this I was shocked we live in a harsh climate and I was wondering how he would manage the temperatures. However he informed me that he did not believe in using machines to regulate the temperatures of indoor buildings, instead he told me that he thought it was the best way to go the natural way and let the body heat itself. I was concerned for his intelligence after that last remark and that was the last time we spoke.
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