My friend could have ruined my Heating & A/C or voided the warranty

When my Heating & A/C system was making squealing noises in the summer, I was wondering what in the world was wrong with my Heating & A/C.

My friend was there and he said he thought he knew what the issue was. He insisted that the people I was with and I shut off the power to the AC condenser device and check the motor. He said that you are supposed to add oil to the fan motor to stop it from squealing love that. I asked him how he knew that if he wasn’t an Heating & A/C professional and he said he found that information online. Well, I went online when he was trying to take apart the AC condenser to add oil to the fan motor. Fortunately, I found information that not only will you void the Heating & A/C if you try to labor on it yourself, however you honestly cannot add oil to the fan motor. I showed him that and he said it was a wonderful thing I double worked on. Every one of us put the thing back together and after that the people I was with and I told him I was just going to change the air filter before calling the Heating & A/C professional to have a look at the system. It was bizarre because the air filter was honestly dirty and I wondered then if that could be the issue. When I put a fresh air filter in the Heating & A/C machine, rapidly the squealing sounds went away and it operated love normal again. My friend shouted, “You fixed it!” I didn’t suppose the issue was as straight-forward as having a dirty air filter, however my friend said he learn anywhere that’s a honestly correct issue. I wish he would have recommended that in the first place before trying to open the AC condenser unit.



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