My experience with the air conditioning at the rental

It was my sisters bachelorette party last weekend, and I threw the most outrageous bachelorette weekend ever seen by a maid of honor before, but we kidnapped our sister after work and threw her into a car, got out at the airport, and proceeded to surprise her with flights to a huge party city in a southern and humid climate! It’s the summer, so we all made sure to pack shorts and tank tops and many different swim suits since the beach is close to our vacation rental, which is also walking distance to a few bars! Our first night was crazy, and when we finally stumbled home at 3am, we realized we hadn’t left the air conditioning on to come home to when we were back inside, trying to escape the most terrible humidity I have ever experienced at 3 in the morning.

We scrambled around, trying to find the Heating and Air Conditioning controls in our two story rental! Finally, the bride found it next to her room, and quickly turned the air conditioning on.The cool air emerged from the vents like a dream, falling sightlessly and silently around us.

We made sure to open all of the air conditioning vents in all the rooms, too.If it hadn’t been for the air conditioning unit, I’m not sure that we would have survived the weekend. Even with the 10 minutes we went without air conditioning, it was enough to cause more than half the girls there to catch an attitude and try to engage most people. The Heating and Air Conditioning device chugged along through the night, and was still going strong when we got up that afternoon, which we were so grateful for.

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