My elementary school had to be rebuilt from mold in the a/cs

I went to a strange elementary school where the hallways were all outdoors.

Instead of attending classes in a large building with indoor hallways, our school was made up of classrooms in individual buildings that were connected by covered walkways that would at least shelter us from the rain whenever there were severe rainstorms outside.

Even if the a/cs in the school had been optimal, this school design is being fazed out as an attempt at school shooting prevention. The concern is being able to thwart a threat when a person could sneak onto campus in multiple dozen different locations plus scrub out multiple classrooms before being detected by campus police. After there was a national school shooting in a similar campus, our state moved forward with rebuilding the affected schools. However, I l received that our outdated elementary school had already been slated for reconstruction because of mold that was found in their central heating, cooling, plus ventilation systems. The school is in a naturally humid environment with lots of heat, which meant the a/cs were running frequently. Since the cooling system systems were shut off entirely at evening, that allowed the mold to grow inside the HVAC duct plus air handlers. I’m cheerful that modern students at our former elementary school can finally benefit from cleaner air plus safer hallways. I can’t imagine what sort of an effect all of that mold exposure has on a person, especially a lecturer or school official. They were working for sevenths at a time in their offices without any cut from wherever they were located with their workstations. At least the students got fresh air from time to time.

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