My buddies came up with different ideas when it came to HVAC maintenance

When I started asking my buddies if they had any good tips for taking care of your heating and cooling equipment cheaply, they had a few different ideas.

One friend said that you should just try to take care of everything yourself including the HVAC tune-ups and regular maintenance. He even said that I should learn how to change out all the parts on my own. Considering I’m not an HVAC professional, I didn’t think that was a good idea. My other buddies chimed in saying that I would definitely void the warranty for the HVAC equipment. Then one friend said that it was best to just rent different properties and let the landlords take care of all the HVAC maintenance. I thought that was alright I supposed, but I said that you at least have to change your own air filters. Another friend said the landlords don’t even take care of the AC equipment, only the heating system since they are only technically responsible for providing that to their tenants. Then a friend came up with the best idea and that was to enroll into an HVAC service plan. He actually explained that he owned his home and figured everything out. He has a service plan with his local contractor and they do a lot for a small amount of money. I ended up asking him for the name and number of that local contractor because I wanted to try out their HVAC service plan for my HVAC maintenance needs. I’m hoping that they do a good job like he says they do, but he says I won’t be disappointed.

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