My brother is an HVAC technician

Growing up, my older brother was kind of mean to me. Even though we loved each other as siblings do, we had so many differences. He teased me for just about everything I did, and I always took it way too personally. As we got older, my brother stopped teasing me so much and began looking out for me more. He went on to become an HVAC technician, and he has worked for a local heating and cooling company for over 15 years. During those years, my brother has always done all of my heating and cooling services free of charge. When he is over my house, he makes sure to check on my heating and cooling systems. He changes the filters and he makes any necessary repairs. He takes such good care of my HVAC system that I’ve only ever had one real issue in the last 15 years. My furnace just reached the end of the road and needed to be replaced. I bought the new furnace, and my brother installed it free of charge. I still wanted to do something nice for him in return, so the two of us went to his favorite restaurant. It’s really nice to have someone looking out for me and my HVAC needs. Not only does it make my life easier, but I never have to worry about the added expense of heating and cooling maintenance and repairs.


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