Mom was always ready to fight those who looked at her oddly

Mom always says she’s mad at folks who say being pregnant is the best time of a woman’s life.

She’d enjoy yelling at them.

Being pregnant isn’t a walk in the park. We live by the coast, where it’s boiling hot and humid 90% 10 months in a year. Mom is in her last trimester and is living in hell. She always has the AC set on high, but she complains of being hot and seems agitated all the time. If anyone even looked at her oddly, mom is jumping down their throats. Dad ‌ bought a house fan and portable AC for their bedroom to help mom cool down . She got mad at him when he said she;d be cool and happy thinking he meant ‌ she was being irrational. Mom was so desperate to find comfort. She asked dad to take her to the mall, knowing that wasn’t fun for himl. Mom was trying to rile him, but dad agreed to accompany her. My mom was in the mall for 15 minutes when she turned around and left. The air conditioner in the mall was worse than what she had at home. Once mom was home, she undressed and headed into the shower. Five minutes into sitting under the cool water, she called out for dad. He hurried into the bathroom and mom told him she didn’t know much longer she could bear to be so hot and uncomfortable. Dad opened the shower curtain to see if mom was alright. Mom kept saying she wanted to have the baby as soon as possible.

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