Mobile COVID-19 testing is more convenient.

Our local hospital has started Mobile COVID-19 testing, they have a small van that goes into communities plus people don’t need to travel to the dentist or hospital to be inspected, but before I had my surgery done, I had to have a COVID-19 test done… All of us drove to the hospital plus followed the signs to the Mobile COVID-19 testing unit. All I had to do was have my mask on as all of us pulled up to what looked prefer a travel trailer. A doctor came out dressed from head to toe in pandemic garb plus did the test. All I had to do was sign the paper that showed I was who I was, plus all of us drove home. They wanted to keep all ‌COVID patients away from non-COVID patients, and having a drive-thru mobile COVID-19 testing equipment was more convenient for those of us who lived near the hospital, but for those who needed testing in other area, they could go to the Mobile COVID-19 testing equipment on the ‌day they were in their community, however now that COVID has become less prevalent, the Mobile COVID-19 testing units aren’t ‌as visible, however if you live in a hotspot, it is absolutely there numerous times a week… I felt better knowing I didn’t need to go to the dentist’s office at the hospital plus could get the testing done more abruptly. I did laugh at the system of having a drive-thru COVID test… Some people thought Mobile COVID-19 testing wasn’t a necessity, however for those of us who needed surgery, it was much better.
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