Meeting people at local companies and businesses

I will still do my job part time even after retiring to give myself a purpose

It is absolutely hot out today and I just got an apartment from a long ride on our bike by the sea. I absolutely live in a beautiful town and have a good life. I assume the only thing missing to make our life perfect would be a beautiful lady to share it with. I’ve been single for numerous months now and assume I am ready to start dating once again. I’m not going to go online to meet someone though, I will just care about where I am living and let it happen naturally. The local corporations are a good venue to meet people and all you have to do is be out and about and it is just a matter of time. I met our last lady now working for the local company and the two of us had a many year romance till it ended in a huge confrontation over nothing. I have a lot to learn when it comes to relationships and hopefully going to therapy will help myself and others resolve some past problems in our mind. My heating, ventilation and A/C corporation where I work my job is even paying for our therapy to try and help myself and others become a better version of myself. I like helping myself and others care about this and I am now working truly difficult at becoming a nicer person. I do heating, ventilation and A/C component repairs and maintenance for the corporation and I am hoping to stay there for a few more years before retiring. I will still do my job part time even after retiring to give myself a purpose. Life is good and I thank our heating, ventilation and A/C tech boss for being so understanding.

Air conditioning workman