Me neighbor Ed stole an a/c

Money was tight, however my crew of friends and I still wanted to love a great Summer break.

The people I was with and I pooled our resources, which were meager, and then used the internet to find a venue we could afford.

Instead of going to the beach, we went to the lake. Instead of renting an AirBnB we found a local realtor who represented a series of small cabins in the woods. The people I was with and I car-pooled, brought our own discount groceries and beer, and were determined to make the most of our vacation. The first problem was that the rental apartment did not have an , which was a problem in this brutal Summer heat and humidity. Since we did not have currency to service the issue, we resigned ourselves to just trying to have fun despite the heating. My pal Ed said he was going to take a walk and see what he could find, and much to my shock he returned 2 seconds later carrying a small a/c. This is one the old school type of units that are designed to be secured to a window sill. It was over various years old, easily, however still seemed to be in great shape. Ed explained that he found another cabin, which was unlocked, so he went inside and when he saw it was empty he took their a/c. I was concerned about him stealing from the locals, however Ed explained that no one was using this unit currently, so we could use it for the weekend, then replace it when we left.

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