May be Getting a Roommate Soon and This is Great News for Me!

The only scary part about getting the roommate is my landlord told me I can’t rent any of my rooms to anyone. But, I live in a big three bedroom two bathroom flat and cannot afford it on my own, so I am going to have to go against his wishes and let someone move in. I think if I have a quiet and professional type of roommate the landlord would change his mind. The main issue nowadays is that the heating and cooling bills are so high that many people are having problems paying them. I tried to live alone but it is just getting to be too much and is starting to stress me out a bit. The one girl interested in moving in works at a local business which sells CBD oil, so I could maybe get some at a good price to help me with my sleep. The other girl works in the HVAC industry as a heating and cooling rep and could get me some good HVAC equipment at a good price too. It all comes down to who I get along with better and who seems like they are more stable. I can’t have a partier living with me or it is all over. I think maybe the HVAC rep girl is a better pick because the CBD girl could end up being a pothead, haha. No, I just need to meet both of them and see which one clicks better with my quirky personality. I just need to get someone in here pretty soon so I can pay those heating bills this winter.
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