Max tried to steal an air conditioner, but failed

I am not the type of person to live in the past, but when Max called me and asked if I wanted to take a Spring Break vacation like the old days, I said yes.

Max and I were best friends all throughout college, and then after we graduated we went our separate ways.

My times on vacation with Max are some of the fondest memories of my entire life, so of course I was stoked to go back one last time. Max rented a small cabin near the beach, which looked great on the website. Once we got there we found the place hot and humid, and entirely lacking a central air conditioning system. We opened the windows for natural ventilation, but as nice as the sea breezes were, it did not do enough to cut the heat and humidity. I offered to drive to a hardware store and find a small, portable A/C unit to use for the weekend. Max thought that would be too much money, so instead I suggested building a “swamp cooler” to help with cooling down the cabin. Max didn’t like that idea, either. What he did like, was the window-mounted air conditioner he saw in a neighboring cabin. That place was sitting empty for the weekend, so Max thought we should go borrow that air conditioner for a couple of days. That proved easier said than done, because even with a full tool kit we could not manage to remove that A/C unit from the window sill. The owners had obviously prepared for this!
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