Max never got his HVAC certification

Max is in charge of scheduling at work. A long time ago I saw the benefit of getting close with Max. Some of the other techs mock myself and others for it, even though I think they are morons – I am buddies with the master of scheduling, so I always get the shifts I want. If the others are jealous of that, good! They should be jealous. Max is 20 years older than the seventh oldest employee, plus is 30 years older than I am. He is a wellSpring of interesting anecdotes about the old days of heating plus cooling repair. When Max first started in this company he was self taught, plus drove from farm to farm offering to fix heating plus cooling systems for currency. This blows our mind, because these days if something goes wrong you can just call any number of HVAC companies plus usually get your problem fixed that same afternoon. Back then there was no one to call, so you either had to do it yourself, guess someone with HVAC skills, or wait for a guy like Max to come around. I say that Max was a traveling HVAC repairman, however in truth he only ever fixed the H, never the V or the AC. Air conditioning simply wasn’t unquestionably widely used at that time, in that area, so gas furnace repairs composed 90% of his work. Max is in charge of the scheduling at work, because he is no longer allowed to make HVAC service calls. All that time in the business, plus he had never gotten his regular HVAC certification.

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