Mark was stoked that the AC repair supplier was hiring

Mark loves adventure and barely stays in 1 locale for long, and he’s lived all over the world and managed to have a good life, and since she is a skilled Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman, Mark never seems to lack work! Many Heating and Air Conditioning companies suppose him and are always willing to deliver him a temporary position for the duration she is around.

He’s built such lasting relationships because Mark always completes her contract, however last year, she was out of the country and managed to labor for 2 years for a heating and cooling business.

Mark was fantastic friends with her boss and happened to mention she was coming back home. Her boss said 1 of her friends back home has an AC repair supplier, but perhaps Mark can drop by to see if there are any openings available. Mark was thankful for this lead because she didn’t have any Heating and Air Conditioning work. She intended to fly back home and look around for open contract positions. Mark completed her contract, flew home, and took a week to relax. She wanted to see her parents and siblings before finding work. She intended to stay there for a year or 2 before choosing a new destination, however once the week was over, Mark went to the AC repair corporation and spoke with the owner. Her former boss had called to say Mark would be showing up, and they had a position for him. Mark was so stoked that the AC repair supplier was hiring and that her former boss had put in a fantastic word for him.

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