Making a Nice Leftover Meal Tonight The Easy Way

I love having leftovers because all I need to do is just heat it up and it is ready.

It’s almost like buying a microwave meal but much healthier.

Tonight I am going to be eating a tasty homemade spaghetti sauce and pasta tubes. I may put a little cheese in with it and now that I think of it, a few pieces of chicken breast. That sounds like a nice meal plan. I’m living alone now since my girlfriend moved out last month so making dinner is now a solo task. I enjoy cooking and watching my hands work. My air conditioning just got serviced and is running great. Well, actually it’s my heater that is working great right now since we are in the heart of the winter season. I think it may get even colder next month as February is usually the coldest month of the year. There are about two or three months that don’t require any air conditioning or heating, the rest are pretty much requiring some type of climate control to keep me comfortable. I may do a nice bike ride today along the paseo when it gets a bit warmer out. In the summer it’s so hot out that all I end up doing is sitting in front of my mini split air conditioner in my office and trying to keep cool. I may go to another country this July and August because it gets so packed with people here it becomes stressful. I may just go to the North Pole this summer and utilize Mother Nature’s natural air conditioner.


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