Maintenance person to clean the HVAC unit

This year for our anniversary, my wife and I decided to go to a hotel for 2 days alone! My mom and dad took all three of the kids for the weekend.

The guys went to their home and we locked up our place like Fort Knox. We drove into the neighborhood to stay at a hotel with honestly nice amenities like an indoor pool, room service, and a jacuzzi tub. I was looking forward to our weekend away without the boys. My wife was worried about having all three of our toddlers with our mom plus dad for the whole weekend, after I finally convinced my wife that she was over worrying, we drove to the hotel. That person at the front desk was honestly nice and considerate. When he found out that we were there to celebrate our anniversary, he replaced our room with a suite. The room wasn’t everything that we hoped. The water glasses in the bathroom were dirty, however that wasn’t the worst area about the room. The worst area was the fact that the wall A/C component was disgusting. The wall A/C component was filled with dirt, dust, plus pet hair. I could see all of the gross, disgusting grime inside of the machine. I called the front desk to inform the guy about the condition of the A/C unit. He sent a repair person to clean and we asked if they could wait until the next morning when we we’re going to be gone for the morning.
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