Lowering my energy bills

For a long time my energy bills were just too high.

  • I immediately was ready to blame my HVAC equipment.

It was old, damaged and dirty. No wonder my bills were so high. I had a HVAC contractor over to the house to do some cleaning, tightening and repairing. There was a small loose part and another one that was covered in rust. After the repairs I was ready to experience lower energy bills. Nope, everything stayed the same. I started googling what was the problem. I was closing the curtains in the summer to avoid the hot light coming in. In the winter I put towels under the doors to stop air from leaking out. I even caulked around all the windows. So what was the problem? I called my HVAC technician back and told him about my energy issues. He immediately knew what was up. The guy inserted a camera into my ductwork to take a peak. He found a very small tear along a seam of my ductwork. That small tear meant all the treated air my HVAC created was leaking outdoors. How the guy performed ductwork sealing was really cool. He took what looked like a squirt gun and shot it into my air ducts. It was air that had sealant particles in it. The sealant can repair major holes to minor tears like mine. After messing around with that, he checked the camera again and fixed the tear. I noticed a difference in my energy bills immediately afterwards. It is amazing how much of a change it was.


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