Looking forward to the pool party

A good friend of mine had recently bought a home, and with this home came a nice screened pool.

Then a few months later, during a very hot summer, my friend sent out a few invitations to all of his closest friends, including myself, to a pool party.

I was so ready for a pool party, with the heat getting so bad, I needed some nice cool water to dive into. The pool party was this Saturday and it included pool games and great food. I was so eager, it was all I could think about all week. When early Saturday came, I started packing a few pool floats and water guns, and just as I was about ready to leave, I realized I forgot my sunscreen! I quickly turned back and grabbed my sunscreen. I definitely did not want to leave that behind, and risk a sunburn. Well I arrived at the pool party and enjoyed the cooling water. We all had a great time, but I realized that I was one of the only ones who remembered sunscreen. By the time the party was over, there were so many tomato red people. I felt bad for them, because I have had sunburns before, and it’s like constantly being next to a furnace. You still feel hot, even if you are right next to an air conditioning system. I have a feeling a lot of my friends are going to be having their A/C units on all day, until their sunburns go away. I am so glad I remembered mine, otherwise I would probably be sitting next to my HVAC system right now.



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