Learning about the various quality HVAC equipment while in the city

Last winter, I got a scholarship to train with the best HVAC techs in the country.

  • I had to travel to the city where the training was taking place.

The training would last three months, and within this time, I would get to know and work on the latest systems, including the hydronic heating system. On the first day, I was fascinated by the variety of quality HVAC equipment at the HVAC provider stores. Back at home, we do not have such a wide variety of systems. I shadowed the heating contractors on jobs such as furnace/heater installations and furnace/heater repairs. I learned the systems and how to interact and effectively communicate with the customers to understand their quality heating needs. The HVAC repairman would let me advise the customer on the importance of regularly scheduling furnace/heater tune-ups. The HVAC businesses in the city were thriving and healthily competing to provide the customer with quality whole home heating. After the training, I had an option to remain in the town or work in my hometown at one of the company branches. I was excited to return home, show my townspeople the skills I had gained, and introduce them to the latest equipment, including the programmable temperature control device. I got a portable space heater for my mum to enhance indoor comfort. She always complained that she did not feel the effect of her furnace because she got cold very fast and easily. I returned and worked at the branch in town. I felt like I better understood the system and found that my job felt more effortless and seamless with high quality.

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