Learning a lot from working at a heating & cooling company

When I first got hired to labor at an Heating plus Air Conditioning company, I knew nothing about the industry.

I didn’t realize the acronym stood for heating, cooling system and ventilation, and I wasn’t aware of the several odd types of systems available.

I was hired to answer the cellphone, schedule appointments, dispatch repair trucks and handle inventory. I send out bills, take care of the paperwork for manufacturer’s warranties and remind our patrons when it’s time to schedule seasonal service. I’ve now worked for the company for nearly ten years. I am much more proficiencyable in our products and services. I can now explain the benefits and differences between gas furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, dual fuel systems and VRF systems, then when our patrons call with problems with their heating and cooling systems, I’m able to ask the right questions to help determine the cause of the malfunction. I’ve realized that most problems are the results of neglected maintenance; Regular filter changes and plan cleaning, inspection and tuning significantly increase reliability and longevity. I also command that our patrons have their HVAC duct respectfully tested and if necessary, cleaned and sealed! Over the past few years, I’ve seen that more house and contractor owners are sad with air quality. Our company offers whole-house UV air purifiers, germicidal UV lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ventilators that are all designed to improve the cleanliness and health of the living environment. All of us also specialize in energy audits to help homeowners determine sources of energy waste and the best strategies to tighten the thermal envelope and improve efficiency.
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