Just thankful to have HVAC cooling where we are

It’s still sort of shocking for me to think about how life was for my grandparents.

It’s only been two generations but so much has changed since they were raising a family. That’s something I guess I really didn’t consider. But then again, I’ve been busy raising a family of my own just down the road from where they raised my dad. However, my house has residential HVAC and theirs didn’t. I’m in my 50’s and the last kid just went off to college last fall. So that has left me more time to sit in the air conditioning comfort of my house and ponder stuff like what it must have been like for my grandparents. My family is from a part of the country where there is a big emphasis on HVAC cooling. Of course, that is due to the fact that this region sees its fair share of heat and humidity. I think we’re all good with the temps in the spring and the fall. It’s warm but lovely. And the winter is just about perfect with the heat pump pretty much being still for that period of the year. But the summer heat season is another animal entirely. From June through September it’s pretty much broiling here. Yet, we have the luxury of air conditioning. When I consider what it must have been like during the summer for my grandparents, it sort of blows my mind. The most cooling they got in the summer was a random breeze on the front porch. And I imagine those infrequent breezes must have felt like a godsend.
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