Just changing to a different air filter made a big difference

I must have missed the class on good indoor air quality.

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I’ve lived in a beautiful, rural area all my life.

We have great, pollution free air all around us. There aren’t any factories belching yuck into the air or any of that. However, this region is also a place that has to deal with a great deal of heat and humidity. That makes for a lot of HVAC cooling. And when the HVAC equipment is on, the house is sealed up tight. We keep our home sealed tight in order to maximize the efficiency of our HVAC equipment. Keeping the HVAC treated air inside and the heat out is the way to keep the HVAC cooling cost down. But what I didn’t know until rather recently was that a sealed up house is prone to indoor air pollution. There are plenty of airborne contaminants in our home even though we live where we do. Between the pets and all the synthetic chemicals being released from carpet and furniture, our indoor air quality wasn’t good. Once I learned all about this, I also learned that there is a simple way to correct the indoor air quality or at least make it a whole bunch better. All I had to do was change my air filter to a HEPA filter. The HEPA filters cost more than the cheap air filters I’ve been using for years. But they remove more than 99 percent of all the airborne contaminants inside the house. Once we went to the HEPA filter, the air in our home was noticeably cleaner for sure.

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