Jonah was worried the air conditioner couldn’t handle the heat

After losing his job, Jonah has been quite frugal with his expenses.

  • He is diligently working on finding another position.

But, he also sees this as an opportunity to reduce his expenditure. Things had gotten tough when Jonah still had his job. While he was earning good money, he still found himself broke most of the time. This meant he was always looking forward to the end of the month. It took so much effort for him to save and he sure is grateful he’d been putting money aside. Otherwise, he’d be in trouble now that he’s no longer employed. Jonah began by reducing the rate at which he went out partying with his friends. He also dropped several subscriptions, and has been minimizing ordering take out. Minor changes can have a huge impact on your financial success. Lately, Jonah has been thinking about the air conditioner in his home. There are signs that the unit is failing and will soon need a replacement. Last summer, Jonah was worried the air conditioner couldn’t handle the heat. So, he hired an HVAC expert to come do some inspection and maintenance. The guy was frank with Jonah about the state of the air conditioner. He explained that it had 2 years max before it completely failed. Jonah took that news to heart and is now saving towards purchasing and installing a new cooling system. There is some part time work he’s been doing online and so far he sees it to be a good option. Perhaps he might drop his job searching and focus on this full time.
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