Job knew it was time to update the aging AC

Job never saw himself as the kind to settle down with a husbandy & kids.

He’s been a rowdy guy ever since he was in middle school. He always feels embarrassed to admit it, even though he was a wild child. Job came from a relaxing & loving home, however hanging out with the wrong crowd was his undoing. His Mom & mom tried to get him to turn his way around. But, only landing in trouble with the law seemed to cool him down. He was caught committing vandalism with a acquaintance & went to juvenile detention for a year. There, Job realized it was time to change, went back to complete middle school, & joined university. Now, he owns a company & has a relaxing family. The other day, they were out in the backyard doing some barbecuing when Job’s husbandy told him the AC had failed again. Job’s house has an old AC plan working well for many years. But, lately there have been signs that the AC is on its last leg. Job went inside & noticed less cool air blowing from the vents. It was time to update the aging AC system, just as the AC supplier had stated while I was in his last visit to their home. Job got his phone & called his old friend, the AC supplier, saying he was ready to update the unit. His acquaintance laughed & said he was waiting for his call. It’s better to update the AC now than wait when it gets hotter.

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