It’s my job to monitor the air quality

I went to engineering school so I would be able to work with my hands and invent something amazing that would unquestionably change the way all of us live.

Unluckily, I can’t start off at the top! I had to start somewhere after school was over.

I was able to find a task basically working at a laboratory that packages and ship’s medical supplies. I unquestionably have one of the most simple tasks in the whole world. It’s essentially my task to test the indoor air quality inside of the building where I work! Every 30 minutes or so, I use a special tablet to check the quality of the indoor air. The equipment measures the amount of particles inside of the air. The satisfactory amount of products inside of the room happens to be .001%. Anything higher than that can cause brutal contamination and I have to shut down the production line if we reach levels like that. Most of the time our task is totally boring. I have only had one incident where the number was above the line and it was only by a tiny amount. Production was shut down while they evaluated the equipment and it turned out to be a fluke reading on the equipment that I was utilizing. They recalibrated the equipment and I had to check the indoor air quality every few minutes for the rest of our shift. The boss told me recently that he has his eye on me for a totally different task. I am unquestionably hopeful that it will be something with a little bit more responsibility and action. I could fall asleep resting out there at times. I have a degree from an ivy league university. I certainly don’t have the impression that they are using me to my true potential.


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