It was time to head back home

Three years ago, my life partner and I sold our beach apartment to purchase a travel trailer with Heating & Air Conditioning, plus air cleaner.

We had always talked about traveling across the United States and visiting every state in the union.

We began the trip the first week of Spring and were in the Southern West Coast in the middle of summer season. We were astonished at how hot it was. We were sure not even the Dalai Lama could handle the seat. I love being comfortable, and when I’m sweating so much, I long for AC. We knew the air conditioning worked because all my partner and I had to use it throughout. We lived in the Northeast, and had never experienced this kind of heat. When we headed out on our trip, folks wanted to know our plans. When we told them we wanted to head to the West Coast, they said how hot it was going to be, and that it was a weird ‌ heat. We soon discovered that it was so far from the truth. Heat is heat, no matter where you go. We were happy to have the AC, because we were always in that travel trailer. The only time when we’d leave was when we went to the store. I wasn’t the one who called it quits. My partner woke one day feeling so hot and said she’d had enough. It was time to go back to where they were already experiencing fall temperatures. But, we didn’t have a house there anymore.
a/c serviceman