It shouldn’t have come to an emergency HVAC repair call

When I get too busy, things simply fall through the cracks.

And if the pandemic taught myself and others anything, it’s to slow down a bit & not take on too much.

I l earned this after the office with the zone controlled HVAC was closed due to the pandemic. This forced myself and others to learn to work from beach new home in my own a/c however it had further reaching implications as well. I found out pretty quick that I had been way overloaded due to my inability to say no. Whether it’s to my family, friends or employers, I tend to stretch myself to thin in order to please or help others. That’s perhaps an admirable quality on some levels however it comes with a setback. The setback is that I tend to end up with too much to get done & not enough time or energy. During the pandemic, while I was laboring from the a/c of home, so much of that other stuff fell away because both of us were sort of locked down. And I remember thinking that I needed to maintain a level of less is more when it comes to obligations as nothing was falling through the cracks. Obviously, I didn’t hold to that as I was so busy this past fall that I didn’t get the HVAC service done. So of course, the gas gas furnace quit in the middle of the night which required an emergency HVAC repair call. That stung as it was both luxurious & the HVAC professional confirmed that the concern would have been caught during the HVAC service.

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