Is new ductwork really necessary?

I was dropping off my sons at the daycare when I met my friend Raj in the parking lot. Since he does not have any children, I was curious why he was at the daycare. He told me that he was there to take care of duct cleaning and thermostat installation the daycare had requested when they called the local business. He was at the daycare much earlier before the parents started arriving. He had, however, stayed a bit longer since the administration wanted to know ways to improve indoor air quality because there was an increase in the number of children at the daycare. He offered them several air quality systems best suited for such establishments. I was also looking into extra heat and AC products, and from the options, I had narrowed down to, he advised me to settle for the heat pump. I was afraid they would have to lay new ductwork, but Raj assured me that it was not always the case. If the air ducts are in good condition, they do duct sealing to insulate them. After his constructive insight, I set off to buy a new air filter to keep the air purification system in good condition because it would be three months until the new installation. I had thought of purchasing a washable filter but then thought of buying it when the new system would be up and running. I had also ordered an air purifier, but I was slowly wondering if it was the right thing to do. I was saving every penny for the new installation, and spending money on something not mandatory felt like overspending. I immediately went online and canceled the purchase.

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