Investing in the value of HVAC equipment with HVAC maintenance

It’s always best to spend a bit more if you know that added expense will provide more value.

At least, that’s the way I tend to view my spending.

There are a lot of options out there to purchase the cheapest option. And then, when it breaks in a few years, you just buy another one. Well when it comes to HVAC equipment, I just don’t see it that way. Plus, I’m just sick to death with the throw away mentality that is so prevalent these days it makes me crazy. People simply toss out stuff that was made cheaply and has no value. That’s not the way we do it in this house. Like with the HVAC unit, we replaced it not too long ago. When we bought our home, we inherited a decent heating and cooling equipment situation. It’s not the finest HVAC unit you’ll ever see but it’s been good enough for the last decade. And we made sure that we did our part in getting the seasonal HVAC maintenance that it needs. So when we replaced that old HVAC unit with the new residential HVAC we had installed, we extended the HVAC service plan. The day after we had the new HVAC unit installed, we called to get the new residential HVAC warranty registered with the factory. Then, I called the HVAC company to make sure that our new HVAC unit was now part of the HVAC service plan. I’m for sure going to look after this HVAC equipment investment. That’s the only smart thing to do.

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