I’m still trying to figure out if I want to install radiant floor heating

Buying a house can be a fun and terrifying experience.

I truly envy those people who learn about real estate from a young age.

There is so much to learn and the fine details can land you in lots of trouble. I watched a friend a few years back buy a house and didn’t know there were some fine details missing. Later, he had to give it up because the bank came knocking. And they were not willing to refund him the amount he paid for it. This is why I had to dig deep and learn all I could before buying my home. Hiring a real estate lawyer might seem like an overreaction, but it’s what I had to do to make sure my investment was secure. Thankfully, I found a house in an awesome area with all the features I wanted like a functioning HVAC system. My real estate agent and I were present when an HVAC inspector came by to ensure the unit was good to use for years to come. I didn’t want to pay more for the house if the HVAC system needed an immediate replacement. The HVAC inspector was thorough also checking the ductwork and he assured me all was okay. I had to make sure I did regular HVAC maintenance, but there was no need for an immediate replacement. It’s been a year and I love my new home. I’m still trying to figure out if I want radiant floor heating in my home. However, the heating system has been amazing having spent my first winter here.

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