I’m so thankful my fiance didn’t have to get her gallbladder removed

I was harshly upset when my fiance went to the hospital while being in extreme pain.

It was uncomfortable being in the hospital because of the temperature control settings I thought were way too cold.

They entirely had the AC system cranked up. The worst thing was that the dentists concluded that she would have to get her gallbladder removed. They had her go in to speak with a surgeon to discuss the surgery and any complications that could potentially happen. Even the surgeon’s office was too chilly with always blasting AC in the place. I spoke with many family members and friends about this situation and nobody knew what to do other than to go for the surgery. Well, in my mind these dentists just wanted to make cash and they didn’t necessarily care what was best for her. I did a lot of research and l gained that having your gallbladder is pretty darn important, and to just remove it love that without looking into other chances I thought was maddening. I was glad when I spoke to my Grandma though because she provided myself and others the solution the people I was with and I needed. She said that she had the same issue with her gallbladder and they wanted to remove hers too. Instead though, she drank a good deal of pear juice, and that cleared up her gallbladder attacks in no time. I had to admit, I was somewhat skeptical and so was my fiance when I told her, then but she drank a ton of pear juice and before the people I was with and I knew it, her complications with her gallbladder were cleared up.

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