I’m here to make sure the air quality is good

I went to engineering school so I could task with my hands and easily invent something wonderful that would genuinely change the way we happen to live.

Regrettably, I can’t start off at the top, however I had to start somewhere after school was over.

I found a job genuinely working at a laboratory that packages and ship’s medical supplies. I actually have one of the nicest jobs in the whole world. It’s my job to test the air quality inside of the building where I work… Every 20 minutes or so, I use a special tablet to check the quality of the indoor air, but the machine measures the amount of particles inside of the air. The sufficient amount of products inside of the room is .001%! Anything higher than that can cause some critical contamination and I have to shut down the production line if those levels truly occur. Most of the time my job is relatively boring. I have only had a single incident where the number was above the line and it was only by a very little amount. Production was shut down while they checked the machine and it turned out to be a fluke reading on the machine that I was using. They recalibrated the machine and I had to check the air quality every so often for the rest of my shift. The boss told me last week that he has his eye on me for another job. I am sincerely hopeful that it will be something with a little bit more responsibility and action. I could fall asleep resting out there all of the time. I have a degree from an ivy league university. I genuinely don’t feel as though they are using me to what I am capable of.
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