Ice cream stores have excellent cooling systems

For some reason, I never considered the ice cream parlors would want to have air conditioning too, but that is truly a key component in how they keep the ice cream cold and not melty! I currently work after school at a curte ice cream shop downtown.

The owner is super nice and obviously used to make the ice cream in his garage.

Air conditioning is pumped into the cases of ice cream, which keeps their internal temperature at a cool 38 degrees. I needed to check in each shift, and make sure that all of the air conditioning units were working, otherwise it would mean disaster. All of us had a total of 5 crucial air conditioning units in our store, all of which required specific points of care, and required an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to maintain them almost every six months. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier will come and oil all the wheels, ensure all the cranks and innards of the air conditioning units were all working to full capacity, and replace anything that wasn’t. This is one of the major keys to our success, as this plan allows us to keep the ice cream at a nice temperature,and keeps the store nice and cold during the summers. The winters can be a bit rough, as the air condition competes with the cold air outside. Investing in a nice pair of gloves is a nice rule of thumb when working in air conditioning, although I also wear a hat and scarf tied tightly around my neck, which is truly a blessing in disguise. In the summer, I am used to the air conditioning temperature by then, and am able to only wear a shirt and a pair of jeans when in the air conditioning temperature.

a/c serviceman