I wasn’t too glad when I l gained my hotel had no a/c

When I went on a company trip overseas, I ended up booking my own accommodations.

I was given a company card to cover all the expenses which was nice and I thought I’d have a more good time if I chose where I would stay.

My colleagues on the other hand just went with what the company recommended. Well, little did I suppose that the place I was staying in didn’t have a/c. I was shocked and it was said that many of the hotels in the area didn’t deliver a/c, however they did offer myself and others a stationary fan. I thought that was silly considering how hot and humid it was in my room. I had a irritated time the first night and when I went to the important company meeting in the morning, I looked love a mess. Everybody else seemed perfectly refreshed and had no complications. Of course, it was refreshing that the AC in the place the people I was with and I were had had ideal temperature control settings and it wasn’t humid or hot at all. I told everybody after the meeting about my irritated experience in my hotel, if you could even call it that given they didn’t even have an AC system! Well, everybody laughed and said I should have gone with the hotel they stayed at. I decided to just change my accommodations and go to that hotel or I was going to be irritated the whole time. I was so thankful when I finally had a room with pleasant a/c and I didn’t have any complications after that.


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