I was in the big box store for only 15 minutes

I’m not sure who thought that being pregnant is an awesome time for women, but I’d like to find out.

I’m not a big fan of pregnancy. Living in the South, it’s always hot and humid 90% of the year. This is my last trimester and I’m not having fun. I always have the cooling unit running, but I feel tepid and miserable no matter what I do. If folks even look at me slightly oddly, I feel like jumping down their throats. Mark got me a huge fan and a portable air conditioning unit to move around the house in an attempt to keep me cool and happy. I gave him a piece of my mind when he said that because I thought he meant ‌I was being awful. I was so desperate to feel cool. ‌I wanted to go to the big box store, knowing how much he dislikes them all. I was sure he was going to turn down my request, however Mark didn’t. I was in the big box store for less than 15 minutes when I felt nauseous. The AC there wasn’t much better than what we had at home. The minute I walked into our front door, I took off my shoes and headed into the shower. Eight minutes into standing under the cool water, I called out to Mark, and he came running. I kept repeating that I didn’t want to be pregnant any longer. He opened the shower curtain to check up on me. Mark told him I’d be fantastic in a week or two, which was when the baby would be born.


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