I was happy when my employers announced new HVAC systems this summer

Three years ago I started working for a medium-sized IT company out of my state’s capital city.

This job has been important for me during the past three years, but it has its pros and cons for sure.

While I like job security, I could make more money if I was at a busier company. This would involve more stress, so that’s definitely a real tradeoff. I also hate how old the building is because we have to work in it every single day with no break whatsoever. Even before mentioning the abysmal heating and cooling system, I have to say the worst part is how poor the indoor air quality is for allergies. I think there’s mold in this building because I not only have allergic reactions that mimic how my body responds to mold, but it also smells like mold in here when it gets really hot and humid inside. And since the air conditioner is terrible and needs to be replaced, it’s really hard to prevent those mold odors. When my employers announced their plans to replace the building’s HVAC systems this summer, I was ecstatic. While I hate the idea of waiting another three months for a new air conditioner and furnace, at least it’s still spring and the weather is arguably mild outside. We aren’t getting extreme heat and humidity yet so I think we’ll be safe until the end of July and the beginning of August. August is often the hottest month of the year for the region in which I live. Some places get hotter weather in June and July, it just depends on your geography.

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