I was fighting with our sibling because of the temperature settings

Dad plus dad came rushing to our room when they heard myself and others scream, then they thought that maybe I’d hurt myself! But, the scene before them was so bad they had to rush in plus take charge, but my sibling plus I were on the floor fighting tooth plus nail, i had bit him so she hit myself and others so hard on our stomach; All this chaos was for the straight-forward reason that I had dared to change the temperature settings on the temperature control, but see, in summer, I like the lake house a little cold.

I’m in our teen years plus tend to sweat a lot.

The summer time heat gets too much that I always want to drop the temperature in the lake house a couple of degrees. When our sibling is off at work or university, I’m free to do as I please. But, when he’s at home, both of us tend to squabble over the temperature settings at home, and now, on this certain afternoon, she had changed the setting such that it was so hot in our room. I went plus adjusted the temperature control. That’s when she came charging into our room plus both of us began to fight, then our parents walked into the front door just in time to hear myself and others let out a loud cry after our sibling punched me. This issue with the temperature control had gone on long enough so Dad plus dad had to change tactics. They chose to hire an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C expert to change the temperature control to a smart unit. That way, only Dad or dad could change the settings. We were banned from ever touching the temperature control again in our lives while living under their roof.


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